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Abstract illustration of Dionysus coming into definition (like the logo brings the business into definition). The arrow is pointing to 'Dionysus'.
Abstract illustration of Dionysus coming into definition (like the logo brings the business into definition). The arrow is pointing to ‘Dionysus’.

The representation of Dionysus as a logo is a categorised, nearly-metaphysical construction of the world we want to be within. It translates from movement to stasis, but stasis can only represent, not perform, movement. The process of deconstruction into a static concept becomes one of granulation, of breaking into little pieces, filtered and stuck back together as a name. A weak artistic attempt to break the philosophy open, but a better than any other I can see. At least it has the onion-like dimensions of a fractal. Each dot is made of more dots, like each society or atom is made of more energy.

Otherwise the logo would use vectored letters and be like the others, masking their categorised constitution. Vectors hide the granulation and history of the concept. Dionysus is not a vector, vectors just don’t have the detail to be what’s behind it. That’s what Dionysian art does:

Dionysian art wishes to convince us of the eternal joy of existence, only we are to not find this joy in phenomena, but behind them. (Nietzsche)

In terms of events, the logo of an events company represents lots of instances that form a name. This company understands this greater perspective, thus we can provide profound thinking behind events strategies and the presentation of art. Developing a logo could be an artistic or generic act, like developing a precinct or city. All the elements need acknowledgment. Some details of a precinct may not be worth financial investment, but they still exist. If you forget them, like the West has forgotten cultural practice and myth, they will drop away or be forced out. The Dionysus Movement represents cultural theory and practice in a rapidly developing society. And there are many precinct and city stories that completely justify the investment in culture, financially and otherwise.

(Side note: We struggle to email the new logo. All the little dots make the file too big. Email can’t handle the files. We’re approaching the constitution of a concept, specifically of the pre-category world of now called Dionysus, and it’s too detailed for current language and technology. The path is long.)


Initial concept (but there weren't meant to be any lines)
Initial concept (but there weren’t meant to be any lines)
Dots of people gathered (ANA2015). The dots could also be planets, atoms, ideas or any category. Physically, we know anything is constituted of more things (atoms to quarks etc.), but is that not true for ideas and movements, too?

Giraffe Visual Communication must be sick of me. I spent ages working on the branding concept, and they came up with many other cool approaches, but I kept driving this post-metaphysical idea and ranting Nietzsche. Thanks for this, Damo:


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