Cultural Events

From gallery management and underground parties to Canberra’s largest arts festival and th­e ACT Music Awards, David Caffery has made all sorts of cultural events.

The philosophy of Dionysus gives meaning to endless possibilities and denies many. We will not say yes to any developer nor manage any event. Culture comes first and it is not for sale. But it does need more outlets and support. The test is simple:

Is the event valuable to society?

We believe our past events have emphasised human expression, challenged beliefs and created beautiful experiences. Such is the power of art.

Some past events and programs designed and delivered by David, usually under the auspices of Molonglo Group, MusicACT and uniVibes, include:

  • Baker Courtyard Cinema – production and program
  • ACT Music Awards – gathering and celebration of ACT music
  • ANU Bar sessions – promoter of ANU’s Thursday sessions 2008-2011
  • ANU Oktoberfest – built from nothing to ludicrous parties 2008 – 2011
  • Art, Not Apart– annual arts festival
  • Bloody Lips– performance poetry showcase
  • Clubhouse – manager of a dirty little bass club for a while
  • Digital Feast – series of nights with VJs, DJs, cheap food and boardgames
  • Greek Film Festival – Canberra
  • Hotel Hotel concerts and parties – ongoing, including NGA after-parties
  • Improvision Party – just a fun party in the Nishi Grand Stair
  • Jurassic House Festival – 9 bands, 27 DJs and 1000+ people in a house. Woops.
  • Kids’ Cushion Concerts – series of fun, educational concerts for kids
  • Local Feats – series of locally made feature films
  • MusicACT launch – bands, catering and media
  • NewActon Ensembles – Canberra Symphony Orchestra ensembles in NewActon
  • Nishi Gallery– multi-year cultural program with exhibitions and performance
  • Old and New – launch of NewActon Pavilion
  • Rhythm and Sense – dance, music and poetry production
  • Sense – audio journey from classical to poetry, jazz, melodic techno to psy-trance
  • Sound and Fury – producer of Chenoeh Miller’s performance art showcase
  • White Party – the apartment became a club
  • Woven Words – classical music, prose and poetry woven together

Details will be added to the Event page shortly.