Electronic music is not evil

Cooper at Sense
David brought Max Cooper to Canberra in 2013 for an audio journey from contemporary classical music, through jazz and poetry to progressive techno.

It’s been a popular art-form for decades, but Canberra just doesn’t understand electronic music. Good electronic music is underrepresented in Canberra and this makes the city a boring place to live for tens of thousands of people.

Dionysus will start a series of events bringing some of the world’s most innovative and intelligent dance music to town. We’re starting with a melodic techno party featuring Max Cooper and local DJs inspired by contemporary techno. Max will be presenting his critically-acclaimed live audio-visual set called Emergence.

The party is not for trashbags who usually go to the city. This is danceable art presented well, running late and unapologetically electronic.

20 November, Westside Aviary, Acton. Tickets on sale soon.

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