Escape Ferocity

We’ve started a new party series.

ESCAPE FEROCITY: Techno to ease the ferocity of the mind

Tickets here for the first party, featuring a live AV set by the one and only Max Cooper, on 20 November. Very limited capacity.

The parties present quality, no bullshit techno and house, starting with Max Cooper. We want to create a culture in Canberra where techno impresses on to the electronic music scene.

Escape Ferocity is a new series of melodic and straight up techno in quality, late-night venues. It is a platform for musicians to explore their darker side, allowing us to free our minds of the constant ferocity in us all: “Music was credited with the power of discharging the emotions, of purifying the soul, of easing the ferocity of the mind – precisely by means of rhythm. When the proper tension and harmony of the soul had been lost, one had to dance, following the singer’s beat: that was the prescription of this therapy.” (Nietzsche)

Philosophy aside, this is music to match your mind, to escape everything but rhythm.

Managed by the unstoppable Matt Fletcher along with Dave Caffery.


Pillars of Creation II by Tommy Balogh


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