What is Dionysus?

Dionysus designs and manages cultural events.  We also provide advice and strategies for high-impact organisations to support Canberra’s cultural fabric. The focus is a more close-knit city with expanded cultural horizons. The city wants more artistic initiatives and so do we.

A handful of significant clients – Molonglo Group (inc. Art, Not Apart Festival), Hotel Hotel, Hindmarsh, In The City Canberra, Canberra International Film Festival and Australian Dance Party – make us pretty busy. We raise the profile and value of their projects, and they allow the us to practice contemporary philosophy to build better communities. They also support research into cultural philosophy and showcase independent initiatives beyond the horizon of a simple media or events organisation.

Dionysus has grown out of David Caffery’s pursuit to start a contemporary music and arts venue. This journey segued to NewActon in 2011, where he initiated and still runs the precinct’s Cultural Program. Within this role he founded and grew Art, Not Apart – Canberra’s largest arts festival – and initiated Nishi Gallery’s arts program. Hotel Hotel and A. Baker employ David to design and manage concerts, parties and wider cultural initiatives. David also founded the ACT Music Awards with MusicACT, where he is vice-president and co-wrote a major report on the regulatory opportunities to support music and performance in the ACT.

As the business matures more work will go into the research of cultural development. This emerging field includes placemaking, activation, the creation of shared meaning, the philosophy of art and supporting organic cultural movements.