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Belconnen Fresh Food Market

Established in 1976, Belconnen Fresh Food Markets is one of the longest standing permanent markets in the Canberra region. Featuring 31 specialty stores and attracting over 30,000 customers a week on average, the market is a icon and hub for the surrounding Belconnen neighbourhood and beyond.

The market was purchased by ASX-listed Elanor Investors in late 2017. Dionysus began work with the market in 2020 leading the activations and communications for the location as it undergoes major redevelopment and rebranding during 2020 and 2021. Major activations and community building are about to become apparent.





Elanor Investors


To clean, green, energise and communicate the market as it transforms.


Activations and communications strategy and delivery for Belconnen Fresh Food Markets during and after its redevelopment.


July 2020 - ongoing