Martin Ollman

City Place Manager

Canberra City lost its pulse a while ago. The City Renewal Authority has engaged us as City Place Managers to help restart the heart of the city.

Lavanna and Oli manage the City Place Team – 10 government hands-on staff – to lift the standard of cleaning, comfort, greenery and activation of the city centre. They oversee the events and installation programs of the city, which are restarting as COVID restrictions ease. Dionysus are working with the City Renewal Authority on soft and hard infrastructure changes to make the city places about its people, as well as supporting and developing cultural programs to build the rhythm and identity of Canberra City.


City Renewal Authority, ACT Government


To work with many people to cultivate the soul of Canberra City.


Manage the city events and installation program; direct the dashing City Place Team to clean and green the City and Inner Braddon.


From Feb 2019 onwards


2.1 FTE