Cole Bennetts

Soul Defender

The truck weaponises art to defend the soul.

Initially supported through a City Renewal Authority City Grant, The Soul Defender is a 14-tonne ex-military truck transformed into a vehicle for change. It’s a big, pink military truck designed to lift souls and defend against our assailants. Climate change, heartless economics, political donations and inequality are the current targets.

When not on missions, this urban artwork doubles as an all-in-one events solution available for hire - complete with stage, sound system, lights, bubbles, and all the trimmings.


Urban artwork and mobile stage designed to defend and uplift the soul of Canberra.


Design, deliver and communicate The Soul Defender and its missions. Lots of new artillery is currently being manufactured - watch out!


December 2018 - ongoing


Countless parties, parades, talks and some important protests.