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Dionysus develop events, advice and research for high-impact cultural organisations. We practice cultural theory with festivals, exhibitions, concerts, media strategies and integrated ideas. We use site-specific strategies to actively nurture the potential of a place, making it human.

Placemaking is a focus on people: passions and desires writ large in art and public policy

– following from Nietzsche

Art shapes the patterns of existence into something recognisable

– Foa Dienstag

Events are rituals to reflect and uplift a culture

All placemaking is creative

Cultural practice is the performance of collective thoughts and emotions, visible and visceral

– following from Nietzsche

… cultural development, that is, funded cultural activity led by individual artists arts organisations and government, is increasingly undertaken to contribute to community wellbeing.

– Kim Dunphy, Cultural Development Network

If a place does not have rituals, it lacks the consistent glue of a community

Events feature at the core of Canberra’s image, life and personality.

– ACT Events Policy Discussion Paper